yoga mat bag

When my friends gave me as a present a new wonderful mat, I knew I had to make finally a bag! This is the result-really easy :). I am thinking of making a tutorial and als thinking of making different types of bags.


cat pillows - pillows for cats

Thiς was my gift for my 3 cats <3 . Μade with a lovely fleece fabric :)
IKEA doll beds


Bazaar for strays

Some of the things I've made over the past 3 years for our wonderful stray cats&dogs


Fabric matters :)

 Really really loved this fabric. Made me happy and kind of reminds me of my childhood! I wanted to see it a lot, so here it is in our living room- curtains and pillow cases for the sofa.
 (and we don;t even own a tv ;) )


make me a new one.. right meow!!

Mommy I can't sleep here.. make me a new one!!! meow..
 When your cat uses a bed for a long time and you are bored of cleaning it, it's time to replace it. The pattern was already made so it was easy to cut it, And then you have a happy cat :)


*covers for the Ikea sofa*

 As I don't like black colour so much, I decided to make covers for our Ikea sofa. I coped the original pattern and made 4 covers with long zippers. The work needed was easier than I expected and the result nicer than I expected.. so give it a try and add some colour in the living room!! The other sofa is next :)

the original