Fabric matters :)

 Really really loved this fabric. Made me happy and kind of reminds me of my childhood! I wanted to see it a lot, so here it is in our living room- curtains and pillow cases for the sofa.
 (and we don;t even own a tv ;) )


make me a new one.. right meow!!

Mommy I can't sleep here.. make me a new one!!! meow..
 When your cat uses a bed for a long time and you are bored of cleaning it, it's time to replace it. The pattern was already made so it was easy to cut it, And then you have a happy cat :)


*covers for the Ikea sofa*

 As I don't like black colour so much, I decided to make covers for our Ikea sofa. I coped the original pattern and made 4 covers with long zippers. The work needed was easier than I expected and the result nicer than I expected.. so give it a try and add some colour in the living room!! The other sofa is next :)

the original



cell phone cases :)

  I recently made some more cell phone cases! It's one of the things I found that are over-priced to buy, it is pretty easy to make and the big advantage is that you can use the fabric of your choice. Little fabric needed, even if you have the biggest cellphone nowadays :).  Ι used for the inside upholstered lining to be more soft and to protect you cell phone from almost certain falls ;). The fabric and the upholstered lining is cut exactly on the same sizes. To close up the cell phone I used velcro but I guess there are many other ways, It depends on the way is convenient and on the way you want it's appearance to be. Not a tutorial really, but what I had to say about this project. Here are some pictures...


for your camera also!!


sister's wedding- burdastyle 05/2011

 I've made this dress last year but it was a little bit big for me. But this summer after giving birth it was just my size. The pattern is taken from burdastyle issue 05/2011. This is the long edition which I prefer. Since the fabric I used is a little bit heavy, I didn't put lining (everytime I try to avoid it). I like the vintage  vibe of this dress and I think that kind of patterns are great to hide some more kilos from waist and down. The zipper on the back is invisible and as you can see from the pictures I added some hems.


speakers cover!

  If you have cats in the house you will definitelly have some ruined stuff. One of them in my house are the speakers where someone scratch their nails and look like this..

  So I decided two make fabric covers for them.. you will need
  • fabric (a little larger than the speakers)

  • thin elastic
 And now:
  1. cut your fabric a little bigger than your speaker (3cm bigger would be ok) with rounded edges
  2. you can use your serger, if you have one
and then sew the elastic on the edge of the fabric

as you go on it will start to look like this

And you are done!!