speakers cover!

  If you have cats in the house you will definitelly have some ruined stuff. One of them in my house are the speakers where someone scratch their nails and look like this..

  So I decided two make fabric covers for them.. you will need
  • fabric (a little larger than the speakers)

  • thin elastic
 And now:
  1. cut your fabric a little bigger than your speaker (3cm bigger would be ok) with rounded edges
  2. you can use your serger, if you have one
and then sew the elastic on the edge of the fabric

as you go on it will start to look like this

And you are done!!


                                     my latest maternity dress!!!!



 Hello everybody and to all moms and future moms out there!! I am six months pregnant with twins (boys) and I didn't have much to wear so I made some tops. The difference when you make maternity clothes is that you want more width and more length and a real model to see if it fits and most important if it is comfortable! Here is what I made so far.. and more to come.)


sweatshirt dress

Black and grey sweatshirt dress, with a simple cat face motif :) Rib fabric closes the end of the hands and the neck. A cat dress by aggelicat ;)

You can find it on my etsy shop.. thank u.. :)


and it was all yellow!!

This week I made this dress for a girl- for a wedding and I liked it very much!! The only problem when you have a beautiful open back is that you cannot wear a bra.. Anyway the dress turned out good and the skirt of tulle did her work :)


not just a lbd .)

Based on those two dresses, I made a maxi black dress for a friend.)

 I drafted this pattern alone and it was actually easier than I thought. Sewing jersey also easier than I had in mind.. fortunately :). The top is made by two triangles(enhanced) which i draped with two long straps, a belt on the middle (also enhanced) and the skirt is 1.5m width (drained). It has a zipper on the side.)