my first coat!!

This is the first coat I made, it was an order. I was pretty satisfied with the work and the result of it. :). It is a 
simple coat without pockets and a rounded collar!


making a backpack.)

 I haven't got a backpack like this since high school.. I always thought that it was hard to make! Turns out that it needs some time but it can happen.. step by step as everything :) First of all choose your fabric and the lining. The lining could be the same fabric that you'll make the bag.
front and back (x4 if this is your lining)

sides and down sides ( x2 if this is your lining)
Cut leaving 1cm for the seams...

Cut the cover of the bag and the cover of the front pocket..

..and cut 2 rectangles, one for the front pocket and one for inside pocket.

And finally the stripes with the width and the length that you prefer.
I cut it 12cm so as to be almost 6cm.
And now the sewing part!! First of all, sew the pockets (inside and front) now that all parts are open and sew  the cover of the front pocket as well.
front pocket

sew together

turn inside out and sew again.

And now the main part of this backpack. We have 2 rectangles and 1 long piece. Sew them together so as to have this result:
sew  with a little bit of roundness at the corners.
This step will be repeated on the lining too. I used the same fabric for lining.
Then make the stripes and iron them.. Υou can sew the stripes out side or inside the bag but if you want them to be inside you have to sew them one step before. The stripes must have a smaller distance on the top.Put the lining inside the bag and cut one more stripe Sew that stripe on the top of the bag

 so as to pass through an elastic. When you sew the elastic together you must have this result.
Put the cover on the bag. Choose the way that you prefer to close and to open your bag, add it and you are ready to go!!