Making a paper holder..)

 Most of us keep the toilet paper outside of the bathroom cause the space is not enough. So I made this useful toilet paper holder! First of all you have to decide how many cases you want-need. And then you will need:
  1. fabric (of your choice)
  2. Velcro 2cm  width (both sides)
  3. your sewing machine
  4. a toilet paper for measurement
    IKEA fabric
If the fabric is thin enough (like the white one) got to be double sided, if it's thick (like the black) you can make it one sided!
Once you decide the number of the papers you want to store you can start cutting by measuring like this

45 cm length

Remember: in the case of thin fabric enerything you cut, cut it twice!! 
Cut your as many as you want and then let's cut the back!

The back either be the same width as the cases or longer.. I made it here longer so as to save a magazine as well. 
prepare your velcro 

And now let's do some SEWING :)

 Sew all the sides. Ιn case of double fabric sew the two sides of the fabric together, turn it around and close it with a stitching.

sew the velcro facing each other

 sew your cases on the back and measure the distance again so as to be sure with a toilet paper
In order to hang it on the wall you can make or the holes above. 



  1. i love it..specially the cloth that you use, its so elegant and you've got a very nice ideas

  2. Can you tell me approximately how much fabric you started with? I would want to make a 2-3 roll holder with possibly a magazine holder.

    1. ..half a meter of fabric would be ok :)

    2. Ok, thanks. I'm quite the procrastinator but I am going to get this project very soon. I plan to make 3- 1 for each bathroom.