don't throw your bag!

 My mom didn't want her old bag anymore so I cut it out and made this envelope bag!!
 I add some lining on the bottom of the bag an i removed the clip from the bag to the envelope.
 I also kept everything that remained from the bag to use it somewhere else in the future! 
 hope to hold it soon.)


nothing goes wasted!


 from the pharmacy to my room!                                                                                                                                          
  a new place for my dvd's :)                                                                                        
with flower grip tape all over!                                                                            
 very easy and very cheap to make!                                                                                 



2 simple satin dresses!!

Both of these dresses are from burda magazine...
burda easy fashion
without the sleeves..
and with my cat!




 these are all the 70's magazines I managed to found but  I made a dress from a borrowed one..thanks eliza!


my dress needs a jacket!

   I made this dress this summer from burda cover magazine of March:
  Since i needed to wear it this fall, I decided to make a jacket cause I don't really feel comfortable wearing shawls. So here is my jacket.. my reversible jacket..