Thanks to my wonderful pen pal who send me this fabric I made this dress.. I made this pattern my own, it was pretty easy cause the back is the same with the front. The design of the fabric led me to the shape of the dress cause I didn't want to ruin it. Τhe sleeves and the dress are ending with a curve. I think it turned out to be a little short but I like it anyway..


baby girl

From burda 03/2011 a baby dress, the first I made.. it is actually harder than I thought to work with small pieces of fabric! Although I love the result, I like the way it opens ang I guess is easy to dress up a little girl with it! It is a present for a very sweet girl!!


pinky pink

Weddings are a great opportunity to wear a dress that you cannot wear every day.. so i made this dress using the top of the strapless wedding dress of burda magazine 03/2011 and a simple pencil skirt. The top is easy to make the zipper is on the side.)

2photos of my hair just cause I loved it that day



I loved this kind of blouses-dresses when I was little..  but unfortunately you can't find it easy on bigger sizes. I made this simple blouse and then I cut fringes.. as simple as that.. don't be afraid just CAT sorry CUT.)