..everyday dress..

A simple grey dress to wear every day (need more of that!!) with a full skirt! The fabric is cotton elastic and is comfortable and pretty warm!!


we all need this!!

I am posting this photos of this paper holder and I am writing a how to.. (soon I hope.)


it's really simple!!

Sometimes you want to make something, but you want to make it without effort and quick.. this pattern is exactly the one! The distance from the top of the triangle till the end of the fabric will be the length of the "sleeve". You need 4holes either buttonholes either just holes if the fabric doesn't fray..
..either this way..
the first impression is this..
way much..



it' wearable..
You cut the neckline the way you like it, mine is "V" and i sew binding to be more stable.. sew the edge of the fabric if needed, find a string that matches and ready to wear..



The first bag I made.. A simple bag for winter time!! The only thing I regret  I didn't put a case on it.. next time!


jean jacket!

It's the second time I make this jacket from Burda easy fashion < fall-winter 2009 > which was by the way a great issue!! The first one was one my firsts projects when I started sewing 3 years ago..It's an easy pattern to put together.)

It's the only picture I have from this purple jacket and now I'm wondering why I haven't taken more?!I have some pictures from my new jacket to share.)

this is how the fabric looks from inside

I used binding for the edges and I think that is a happy jacket this way, I also used binding for the buttonhole.

I always wanted a picture like this

on me



belt pattern

At first I wanted to  make a tutorial about this belt but I guess I haven't found the way to do it.. so here are some photos of the pattern of the belt and the belt. I hope to write a helpful atutorial...:) It's the same belt from the b&w dress http://aggelicat.blogspot.com/2011/06/b-summer.html.