apron by burdastyle 12.10

  The first apron I made and the last project of the year! It's from burdastyle of December/10 and it is really easy to make cause you don't even need a pattern. This one is for my lovely sister Vivi :)

All you need is to cut:

  •    100cm x 55cm for the bottom 
  •     25cm x 30cm for the top
  •   17cm x 15cm twice for the pockets
  •  75cm x 6cm twice for the top straps
  • 130cm x 8 cm once for the waist.)


  1. aggelika ΕΙΝΑΙΟΛΑ ΣΟΥΠΕΡ..

  2. Σημελίτσα μου!!! Τώρα το είδα το σχόλιο, να φτιάξεις την ποδιά είναι εύκολη!!