pinky pink

Weddings are a great opportunity to wear a dress that you cannot wear every day.. so i made this dress using the top of the strapless wedding dress of burda magazine 03/2011 and a simple pencil skirt. The top is easy to make the zipper is on the side.)

2photos of my hair just cause I loved it that day


  1. Dear Aggelicat,
    my Name is Lena, I write for the Magazine burda style in Germany. We would like eventually to publish one of your photos, would you get in touch with me? lena.klippel@burda.com
    Best :)

  2. Hay! I know thiss pattern from Burda but I relly don`t know how to make upper part of dress.
    Can you please show us tutorial?
    BTW, great colour of the dress and nice hair.

  3. Hi, it is pretty easy actually.. I'll try to make a tutorial as soon as I can! thank u.)